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Build a sustainable house with Green Frame steel framing

Green Frame is 100% recyclable, waste-free, requires no toxic coating – and provides a dry, healthier home

Out of all the options on the market, some are ‘renewable’. That may sound good at first, but often these materials involve toxic processes, lots of waste on site and end up in landfill. Steel framing on the other hand is chemical-free and there’s no need to treat it with preservatives or other nasties. 

Green Frame steel farming is made with consideration for the environment. It is manufactured in New Zealand from locally mined west coast iron-sand and is made with a component of recycled steel. Because it is galvanised by New Zealand Steel during the manufacturing process and requires no further additional preservative chemical treatment. And because steel-framing sections are rollformed to length there's minimal wastage, reducing the environmental impact from building site waste going to landfill. Steel is also 100% recyclable, again and again, without losing its properties.

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Steel is more sustainable than wooden framing

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