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The story behind Green Frame steel framing

How Green Frame began

With over 40 years experience in the building industry, Dave has always had an interest in construction and a desire to bring about positive change. 

Finding the country in the midst of a housing crisis, Dave began to look for solutions. As is a man with a passion for sustainability going back over 30 years, since establishing furniture company Design Mobel (recipient of NZ's Most Sustainable Business along with dozens of design awards) the answer had to be something "green". This along with the fact that timber was facing major issues of availability and significant price increases, not to mention the dire problems with leaky homes, led him to steel framing. 

Bring in good friend and long time business partner Sam Wulff and the concept of Green Frame was formed. Together over the last 20 years they have developed many successful businesses, always with the bigger picture of community in mind. Putaruru was selected as the site of the new factory for its central location and with the aim of helping revitalise the town and bringing further growth to the region. 

Now with the manufacturing plant up and running and a continuous supply of NZ made steel framing being produced, Dave and Sam along with their highly skilled team are set to transform the way homes are built in New Zealand and at the same time, invigorate regional development and employment.

What Green Frame offers...


Green Frame was founded by a group of forward thinkers bringing technological innovation to the New Zealand construction industry. With nearly 70 years combined manufacturing experience nationally and internationally, they have the knowledge and know-how to deliver the best quality product and service to you.

Accelerated delivery

Our CFS(cold form steel) fame and truss system creates efficient designs and faster construction. Accelerated delivery is achieved through automated engineering and detailing software that integrates with world leading factory control software, advanced roll forming manufacturing equipment and cloud reporting. The FRAMECAD design and build methodology we use is all about the rapid construction of quality buildings. 

The best service

Green Frame has chosen to partner with the best in the business to assure a quality service and product is delivered every time. 

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Quality assurance

We use quality Axxis Steel which is backed by a 50-year durability statement from New Zealand Steel.


Green is in our name! At Green Frame we are passionate about sustainability. We are working hard to ensure that everything we do is with consideration for the environment. 

Community consciousness

We are also working very closely with WORKit which is a joint effort between the South Waikato District Council and Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) and is funded by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). This partnership supports the mission to have all young people under 25 being in appropriate education, training and work in their community. Our hope is to be able to expose more young people to these types of technological driven building methodologies and that it will have a social and economic impact on one of New Zealand’s most progressive Districts.  

Green Frame is partnering with the best

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