Why Green Frame steel framing is stronger

Earthquake and fire resistant
Steel framing is fire resistant and has been shown to have excellent earthquake resistance.  

Steel framing won't rot or support mould growth and it won't suffer from borer or other insects. 

Can withstand NZ's coastal conditions 
Our NZ manufactured steel has been specifically designed for New Zealand coastal homes – with higher exposure to extreme weather conditions and salt air. It is galvanised with a zinc coating enabling structures to be built right by the ocean. 

High strength to weight ratio
Steel framing is structurally superior for open span spaces. It has amazing spanning capability – with the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all framing materials providing the ability to cost effectively create wide, open spaces and innovative building shapes.

No warping or cracking
Steel framing is stable and therefore no contraction or expansion will arise from moisture changes. This eliminates warping, twisting, sagging or shrinking of frames which causes many of the maintenance issues post construction.

50 year durability statement
Galvanised with a 100% zinc coating for protection, Green Frame steel framing is backed by a 50-year Durability Statement.

Stronger construction

Why Green Frame steel framing is smarter

Green Frame steel framing is a recyclable product. See more under sustainability.

Readily available
Our NZ manufactured frames and trusses offer no limit to supply – providing the on-site certainty builders need. 

Superior finish
Steel framing is a straight and stable product that overall delivers a superior finish. Exact measurements, straight walls and square corners mean later internal fit-out contractors have an easier and faster job.

Wood frames are much heavier than steel frames so working with them can be more time consuming, involve more labour and impractical for difficult sites. The lightness of steel framing means efficiency of cost and labour.

Value for money
Labour costs can be cut due the specific properties of steel framing; lightweight so less cost to install, no moisture absorption so no down time waiting for them to dry and steel framing is stable so there is no time spent straightening warped timber. Furthermore large open span areas can be created at lesser cost.

Smarter builds

Why Green Frame steel framing is healthier

A dry home
Steel framing does not absorb moisture so there’s no rotting or leaking.

No mould or fungi
Mould requires an organic substrate such as wood to grow and thrive. Being inorganic, steel framing actually inhibits the growth of mould, promoting a healthier home.

Unlike timber framing which requires nasty chemical treatment,  steel framing does not have any chemicals applied during its manufacturing process so it won’t emit potentially harmful toxins.

Fire resistant
Steel will not contribute to fire as fuel therefore if a fire does start in a steel-framed home, it’s less likely to spread from the area of origin.

Stronger in earthquakes
Studies have shown steel framing to be resilient under seismic activity.

Asthma NZ Sensitive Choice
The Asthma Foundation has deemed steel framing a sensitive choice for the potential benefit it gives to people living with asthma and allergies.

Healthier homes


The most sustainable framing solution for building

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