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Green Frame steel framing

Building your new home is an exciting and challenging time. Faced with many decisions it is important to be sure you are making the right choice when, for most of you, this will be your biggest investment. Of course you want our home to look good, but before you get to the end product you need assurance that it will be strong, safe, healthy and durable. 

With high public awareness of "Leaky Home Syndrome" and the ever present threat of earthquakes in New Zealand, new homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of choosing building products with integrity.  Moreover with lack of supply and increased prices, an alternative to timber has never been more attractive.

Choosing steel framing is the alternative and one which has the added benefits of being non-toxic, sustainable, cost effective and offering innovative design. So by making the choice of steel framing instead of timber you can build your new home, stronger, smarter and healthier without compromising on the design.

By choosing steel framing instead of timber framing you get...

Innovative design
Build the home of your dreams. The superior strength and flexibility of steel farming provides increased spanning capabilities, increasing useable space and supporting innovative design, cost effectively.

Cost effective construction
Steel framing is lightweight so will save time installing and save you money. It's stable nature also means no warping or cracking therefore less maintenance issues for you to deal with longterm.

Speed of construction
Steel frames come prefabricated and are easy and quick to assemble. No moisture absorption means no down time waiting for wood to dry, making for a faster build time and you will be in your new home quicker!

Strength of structure
Earthquake and fire resistant for your peace of mind.

A dry home
Steel framing does not absorb moisture so will not leak or rot, providing you with a warm, solid home.

Non toxic environment
Steel framing is not treated with chemicals so will not emit nasty fumes into your home and you can sleep easy.

An environmentally friendly build
Steel requires no further additional preservative chemical treatment. There's minimal wastage, reducing the environmental impact from building site waste going to landfill. Steel is also 100% recyclable, again and again, without losing its properties.

A home that will stand the test of time
Green Frame steel frames come with a 50-Year Durability Statement. Developed for New Zealand conditions and galvanised with a 100% zinc coating for protection so you can trust that Green Frame will stand the test of time.  

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